Cheers to the DIVAs!

Cheers! And welcome to the life of a DIVA. To provide the background of the DIVAs, we’ll go back to an excerpt from our first printed cookbook:

“Once upon a time, in 2004, a small group of recent college graduates began gathering each week to cook a meal together.No matter what recipes or ideas were brought to the kitchen, the flavors always intertwined in just the right combination to make a deliciously coordinated meal.

The DIVA recipe has become something we can rely on:

Good Food + Great Wine + Exceptional Friends = DIVA Dinner

Thanks for the recipes, friendship, and most of all for laughing together, week after week.

Life would not be complete without this community of ladies. Keep life cooking, DIVAs!”

This website is a collection of items that make a DIVA home complete. We all will be providing such things as recipes, menu ideas, our latest great wine find, tips on entertaining, ways to utilize all those corks, and stories about what true friendship means. We hope you enjoy! 

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