A Meat & Potato Dinner

IMG_0402 IMG_6216 Image-1-2 

A Harvest Feast

IMG_0623 IMG_3077 IMG_3182

Summer Porch Dinner

IMG_1355 IMG_4214 DSCN0790

A Lite Italian Feast

IMG_6807 IMG_6814 

Spanish Seaside Dinner

IMG_4207 IMG_2263 IMG_4221

A Working Girls Lunch

IMG_6241 Green Goddess with Salmon Broccoli Crunch Salad 

An Oven Baked Meal

IMG_4384 IMG_3062 IMG_0063

A Cozy Fireside Dinner

IMG_2295 Prosciutto Asparagus IMG_2288

Spring Around the Corner

 Salmon Pesto Bite 4 IMG_6816

Curry in a Hurry

IMG_6034 photo 3.PNG

Total Comfort Food

  •      Parmesan crusted chicken 
  •      Balsamic Tomato Angel Hair
  •      Roasted Asparagus
  •      Miniature Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s Fall Y’All

IMG_2274 IMG_2559 IMG_3190


Easy Breezy Brunch

photo 2 Brunch img_8709

Sunday Funday Brunch

IMG_4054 photo 1 photo 3

A Fancy Night In

DSCN0809 IMG_0143 IMG_3029

Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Asian Make-In

photo IMG_3611 photo 2

A Rooftop Party

IMG_3286 IMG_4710 Brie

A Michigan Fall Dinner

Organic Broccoli apple chicken pictureApple Crisp

Girls DIVA Night


  •  Melted Brie Topped With Apricot Preserves- Served with Crispy French Bread  
  • Veggie & White Bean Lasagna 
  •  Brownies topped with ice cream and Sander’s hot fudge…and fresh raspberries

Mexican Fiesta

Fresh Out of the Water

Asian Pork Tenderloin

  •      Soy & garlic marinated Pork Tenderloin
  •      On a bed of soy sautéed yellow peppers, onion, broccoli, & brown sugar
  •       Almond Slivered Brown Rice
  •       Ginger Snap Cookies

Winter Pork Tenderloin

Little DIVAs 

 PJs, Pizza, Popcorn, and Pinot

  • Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Dough with all the Fixin’s
  • Truffle Oil Popcorn
  • Best of the Theatre Mix: M&Ms, Roasted Nuts, & Dried Cherries
  • Red Carpet Cupcakes

Cozy Winter Dinners

Po-ta-tO, Po-tat-O

Booze Cruisin’ 

Summer Afternoon Prep-Ahead Dinner

Pesto 2 MI Blue Sundae photo 3


Patio Dinners


Friends Thanksgiving

Christmas Cocktails

Weeknight Italian
 messy josephPesto 2 photo 4  



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